2017 Baseball Predictions

Once again it Baseball season. Just about an hour from now, I will turn on the Yankees- Rays game over in Tampa and some time later this evening I will watch the Cardinals retire the last Cardinal as the begin their campaign to repeat. I am later than usual this year with the forecast, but it has been a tad busy around here of late, but I do want to get t out there before the season starts. Tomorrow will be wall to wall ball including my Orioles kicking off the season against a tough Toronto team. It is going to be a great year of baseball and am looking forward to the next seven months. My wife perhaps not so much but I think she has learned to live with my baseball addiction over the years.

Al East

  1. Boston Red Sox.

This is like rooting for the Empire to activate the Death Star and blow the rebellion into bits or for the villain to finally waste James Binds and feed him to the sharks. I hate picking these evil scum sucking rat bastards to win anything, but they are loaded top to bottom this year. They have 3 Cy Young winners in the starting rotation, and they upgraded the bullpen. The only suspect position in the lineup is the catcher. As they start the year but I expect to see Blake Swihart up from Pawtucket fairly early, and he hits the hell out of the ball. Young Center Fielder Andrew Benintendi is a superstar in waiting. I hate the Red Sox, but they are going to win the division.

  1. Baltimore Orioles

A bit if hometown hopeful pick here as many geniuses have them finishing last in the divisions, but the roster can hit the ball a very long way. They will hit a ton of home runs and if Tillman returns to form Gausman and Bundy step up and Ubaldo pitches like he is capable of this team wins 90 games. If they have a lead, the bullpen will hold it, so I like our chances. Manny will have a huge year, and Davis is till on Adderall, so he is a threat to hit 50 now that is wrist is healed. Jonathan Schoop takes another step towards superstar status this year hitting 30 plus, and I think the Adan Jones has a stellar year at the plate as well. Most of all are the Buck Factor. Buck Showalter is in the conversation with Joe Madden as the best manager in the game.

  1. New York Yankees

There will be some excitement in the Bronx this year as the Yanks next crew of superstars takes the field. Chapman heads a solid bullpen, but I don’t think they have the pitching to get it done. Yanks fans take to heart the fact that the new core of Bird, Judge and Sanchez will make this team a serious contender for years to come. They will hang around all year, but ultimately I think they get Bucked out of a wild card shot.

  1. Toronto Blue Jays

Another team that will be tough all year in a tight division but I think they fall short as the offense takes a step backward.

  1. Tampa Bay Rays

Great pitching but not enough bats to contend with this power packed division. They miss Joe Madden and whoever write the contract clause that let him get away should be horsewhipped.


AL Central

  1. Cleveland Indians

A very good team that got better in the offseason. Top of the league rotation, a bullpen that is the envy of the baseball gods and solid position players at all eight spots. Add the bat of Edwin Encarnacion, and this is a team to fear. A dynasty in the making.

  1. Detroit Tigers

The old guys will keep it interesting, but Cleveland is too good. Miggy and Martinex provide some fireworks and Verlander will be Verlander, but it’s not going to be enough

  1. Kansas City Royals

This is their last chance year as they will face free agent losses after this year but it’s not going to happen. They will make a run but fall short and be out of it by August.

  1. Minnesota Twins

Nope. Just Nope. Not enough pitching, a not very good bullpen, and the young guys need more time.

  1. Chicago White Sox

I suspect very few members of the opening day lineup to still be on the South side when the season ends. It’s going to be a going out of business sale to restock the minors for the future. Maybe we can see Jose Abreu in an Orioles uniform is the best thing I can say about the White Sox.

AL West

  1. Houston Astros

The division crown stays in Texas but switches cities. The Astros added power and the pitching staff should be an improvement over last year. This has been a fantastic rebuild, and I think this is the year they take the division crown from their rivals over in the big D.

  1. Texas Rangers

A very good team that will break my nephew’s heart by falling just short of the division title but they probably earn a wild card spot.

  1. Seattle Mariners

They made a lot of moves this offseason, but I am not sure you can say the any of them made the team that much better. Cano, Cruz, and Seager keep it interesting, but they will fall short again this year.

  1. Los Angles Angels

Poor Mike Trout will once again be the MVP, but he won’t have a chance in the playoffs until his contract extension is up and he finally make it to New York

  1. Oakland A’s

Big question here is what month they trade Sonny Gray and Khris Davis

Al Wild Cards

Baltimore and Texas

Pennant Winner

This hurts like the pain of constipation caused by opioid use but Boston


NL East

  1. Washington Nationals

This is the year. Strasburg and Max each win 20+.Tanner and Gio are at or close to 20 Bryce Harper shatters the base on balls records and still hits 50 with 120+ RBIs. Daniel Murphy again contends for the batting title. Jason Werth and Adam Eaton earn their paychecks and then some. The Nationals win 100 and run away with the division

  1. New York Mets

My long-suffering Iranian Jewish friend from Long Island is in for another tough year. This is a good team, but there is a great team in the same division. The pitching staff and Cespedes make this a fun team to watch, and they will win some games but not enough to catch the runaway train that will be Washington this year.

  1. Miami Marlins

The death of Jose Fernandez will be the early season storyline, but this is a much-improved baseball team I will watch a good deal of Miami baseball this year as they are on my local cable and I expect to see a tram that could slide into a wild card if the Mets have injury problems again this year. Stanton goes injury free and hits 40 while Yelich continues to improve and drives in 100+.

  1. Philadelphia Phillies

They are not good, but they should be a little better than Atlanta

  1. Atlanta Braves

I want a case or 3 of whatever the front office was drinking this offseason. Dansby Swanson will be fun to watch as he improves and begins his quest for superstardom and we should see Ozzie Albies at 2nd base early in the year giving the team some speed.


NL Central

  1. Chicago Cubs

The curse is broken, and a dynasty is born. Almora will replace Heyward in center, and there is just not a soft spot in the lineup. They should have Schwarbers bat all year, and that will make the team even more formidable than they were last year. My daughter and her Husband will be flying the W quite often at their digs on Addison this year.

  1. St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals continue to be one of the best run teams in baseball, and they will be competitive again this year. They will be a lot like the 1960s Orioles and Red Sox, a very good team that wins but has a dynasty in the divisions that keep out of the World Series most year.

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates

The window is closing in Pittsburgh, and I expect them to make a valiant effort but there too much talent in their way. McCutcheon does not finish the year with the team.

  1. Milwaukee Brewers

A rebuild in progress. I wonder where Ryan Braun ends up at the break.

  1. Cincinnati Reds

Ditto for Votto and Hamilton

Al West

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers

They have the bats, and the pitching needs to just not suck in the days Kershaw is not on the hill. They are spending a lot of money to keep this team together, and it should pay off with another division title.

  1. San Francisco Giants

The pitching staff keeps them in it, but they do not have enough boppers to score enough runs to keep up with the Dodgers all year. They need Hinter Pence to stay healthy all year to have a chance. If he goes down, they could slip to third.

  1. Colorado Rockies

Having a pitcher as the manager of a team playing in a hitters ballpark is a genus level move that pays off for the Rockies. The Rockies have a solid chance at a .500 year

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks

Like the Blue Jays a few years ago a lot of talent here, especially on the pitching staff, that just does not gel into a winning club. Paul Goldschmidt will challenge Harp for the base on balls lead.

  1. San Diego Padres


NL Wild Cards

Mets, Cardinals

NL Pennant

Washington Nationals

Nationals beat Boston in World Series bringing great  joy to the universe and giving folks in DC something to talk about besides Donald Trump






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