A New Kind of Hero

If the line of action figures that comes out in the fall does not include healthcare workers and grocery store clerks, I am going to be pissed. During the spread of the pandemic across the United States, these people are not just performing a service. They are saving lives while risking their own. They are doing it for not very much money, either in most cases.
The emergency rooms in some U.S. Cities are full. There are not enough ICU beds for patients who need ventilators. Doctors and nurses are dying pretty much every day. In one of the most epic failures of all time, all levels of government failed to prepare for what we have told for years now was going to happen. There is no enough personal protection equipment for front-line workers. EMT personnel are putting their life and risk every time they enter a home to help the sick and the dying. Most of them will tell they are scared to go to work. It is a war zone, and the casualty rate has been climbing.

At least medical personnel knew this was possible, that they could someday face this type of pandemic and crisis.

What about the 22-year clerk at the grocery store while she is working her way through school. Or the retirees who pick up shifts at a grocery store or pharmacy to make ends meet? They didn’t sing up for this shit, and especially since if they are lucky, they are getting paid $12 an hour. But they are doing it. They are stocking the shelves every morning and disinfecting the entire damn store at night. At a time when a single sneeze or even a touch can kill you, they are doing the job, making sure you can get food and maybe even some paper to wipe your ass.
I want to see the superhero grocery store clerk action figures that just worked a double two night in a row nurse action figure, the young pharmacist with student loans to pay and a dozen sick people in line, or the exhausted and terrified EMT worker. These are the heroes of our day.

I have had some people (on the very rare occasion I leave the house) tell me that customers are rude and even abusive when they cannot find something they want. If you do that, you are the worst kind of asshole. When you must go to the store, be kind. Be grateful.

We are in a war. These folks are the last line of defense, keeping us all fed and trying to save our lives.

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