Drinking Rules

1. If heading out for an evening of imbibing, have cab fare in cash in your pocket even if using a credit or debit card for the tab.

2. Learn your bartender’s name. No one likes to be called “hey you.”

3. Unless they piss in your drink, tip at least 20%

4. Run a tab rather than pay as you go so they know you tipped fairly, especially if you intend to be a regular.

5. If you can afford it, a little extra tip at the holidays marks you as one of the good guys and will pay off in spades over the years

6. Bartending can be a tough job. They put up with enough drunken assholes. Do not be one.

7. Fighting in bars is stupid beyond belief. Do not do it for any reason.

8. Most bar fights are over women. If someone hits on your date and she ignores it, you do the same. She is with you and he has to live with the burden of being a dick.

9. If she does respond, congratulate him on his skill in identifying a weak willed shameless slut. Tell HER to pay her own god damned bar tab.

10. A wedding ring on a woman is not just “No”. It is “No Fucking Way,” not even if she offers blatantly. It will happen at least once in your drinking career and NOTHING good will come from it.

11. Drinking shots until you puke/pass out/become overtly obnoxious does not make you cool. It makes you one more drunken ass hole that only other drunken assholes will want to be around

12. Drunken assholes make poor friends

13. If you have a friend who likes to get into fights. Leave him home. His reputation will hurt yours.

14. If someone asks for your keys, surrender them. If another drunk thinks you are too drunk to drive, you are. Use the cab fare in your pocket.

15. If for some unfortunate or idiotic reason you are asked to leave an establishment, just leave. You are not going to talk your way back in.

16. Go back in the morning and apologize to the owner/ manager if this happens, especially if you are a regular.

17. If you could not dance or sing when you came in, you cannot dance or sing later either.

18. Before leaving with a cougar or chubby always run the idea by your friends. You need a two thirds majority before proceeding. Alcohol often distorts perception.

19. Do not get suckered into buying drinks for groups of girls. Cutting one out of the flock is difficult at best and those $8 cosmos add up quick.

20. There is a difference between funny and obnoxious. Learn the difference. It may save you from a horrendous ass beating one night.

21. Never cock block.

22. If someone does it to you, do not drink with them anymore. They will do it again.

23. Never put fruit slices in whiskey. It is inelegant and unmanly.

24. Sport fucking women you meet in bars without a condom is like paying Russian roulette with 5 bullets in the gun. I mean really, do you think you are the only one she has ever done this with? Wrap to ride.

25. If someone you do not know wants to play pool for money, you are probably going to lose.

26. Should you bet on anything, pay your losses immediately.

27. Never give someone a second chance if they do not do the same.

28. There is reason the state runs Keno in bars. That reason is not to give your drunk ass money to pay the tab.

29. If you offer to buy a girl a drink and she switches from draft beer to some shit with an umbrella in it, walk away after paying. You cannot afford the kind of leeching this chick will do to you.

30. If a friend buys a round, it is incumbent upon you to return the favor.

31. Should a friend not reciprocate more than once, quit buying him drinks. Introduce him to the girl in #29

32. If you no longer recognize the language you are speaking, it is time to call that cab.

33. Wearing Ravens gear into a bar in Pittsburgh is probably not conducive to your health and well being.

34. If you and your buddies insist on referring to women as cunts, ho’s or bitches, rest assured that the one woman you set your sights on will overhear you. Dead Man Walking.

35. Be polite to friend’s wives, girlfriends and dates even if you think they are unattractive and bitchy.

36. Odds are the bar stool is not wobbly. You are drunk. Think cab.

37. If drinking at a Dock bar determine what number of drinks requires you to stay away from the edge.

38. If you bump into someone, apologize. If you spill their drink, buy them another one.

39. If you spill your own more than once, it is time to go.

40. Unless you can actually sing (see #17) or are Tom Cruise singing karaoke love songs to random hot chicks is not going to work.

41. Talking on 3rd down or a 3 and 2 count in the ninth inning is just fucking rude.

42. Before using a pick up line, ask your sister how she would respond to it.

43. By the time a woman is 25, chances are she really has heard them all.

44. It is true; some women are hopelessly attracted to assholes.

45. Those women are not worth the high price of becoming an asshole no matter how hot they are.

46. Men will swarm around the tens. Somewhere in that bar is an 8 with a better personality who would love some attention.

47. Do not bet basketball with Travis Coleman no matter what odds he gives you. Little fucker is lucky although he does owe me $20 from the Boston game.

48. More than one martini will probably have an unfortunate ending.

49. The barmaid is probably not going to fall in love with you.

50. Above all do not be THAT guy. If more than one person mutters “oh shit” or the bartender frowns when you walk in, you are on the way to being THAT guy and need to adjust accordingly


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