Everyone Needs a Melvin

From the wife last week after my daughter was here for a week


I’ve decided that everyone should have a Melvin. I have been blessed with three of them. They have taught me some very valuable lessons over the last few years some of which I will share with you all now.

1) Laugh laugh laugh. Belly laugh, giggle, snicker if you must. But laughing until you can barely breathe is one of the best feelings on Earth and we do a lot of it.

2) Just say it. Be honest and say what is on your mind. It feels much better than holding all that crap inside.

3) Volume control is overrated.

4) Don’t give a damn what other people think about you. Be who you are and love who you be.

5) If you are hungry- just eat it. If you are thirsty-just drink it.

6) Lastly, family is the best thing we have in this world and you should hug ’em and kiss ’em and make sure they know how much you love them. I sure do love me some Melvins!


Hey when shes right, shes right!

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