Mission Statement

Since the earliest recorded history man has been searching for the meaning of it all. Over the centuries we have seen many philosophies and religions spring forth to attempt to explain life and the purpose of our existence. For some reason we have never been content to just accept life as it is and live it. The specter of mortality looms over us and we search for some grand purpose, meaning and secret to it all. Over that time many plans, thoughts, schemes and explanations for the meaning of life have sprung forth and they all share one common fact: No matter how passionately explained or deeply believed, there is a significant chance that they are wrong. When it comes to the meaning of it all there is no way to know for sure. We simply have no fucking clue.

Rushing to fill this perceived void man has created a wide variety of religions. Some of them sound pretty nice and talk about loving neighbors and eternal life and such. If it stopped there it would all be harmless enough, but as different groups have formulated they have developed an insistence that others believe exactly as they do. Wars have been fought over which set of myths and fairy tales should be believed. Parents disown their children for not espousing the same carefully concocted stories as they do. Husbands and wives split the sheets over which group of stories to teach the kids. The leaders of these cute little groups develop rules to force others to believe as they do and often seem intent on squeezing every drop of joy out of this life in hopes of a better one next time. Of course we have no clue if there is a next time but they do not let that stop them.

What if we all just admitted that as much as we would like to know we will have no fucking clue what it all means until whatever deity (if in fact there is one) is in charge shows up to reveal the secret? Rather than deciding on  some meaning and killing others who do not find the same one we do, what if we just accepted the fact that we have no clue what it’s all about and just enjoy what it is? In our search for meaning we often ignore life, love, music, wine, sex, baseball, sunsets, friends, and all the other really cool stuff that’s its already here. Why not enjoy life as it is and admit you have no clue why we are here but we might as well enjoy it while we are. What if that’s the whole meaning of it all? To just enjoy it all and wring all the joy we can out of life instead of denying it to others. I think we might all be better off if we just enjoy what we have and admit that we have no fucking clue.

Love, laugh , drink, fuck, read, sing. Be you and let everyone else be them. Grab a drink, sit back and live the clueless life. The cost of a clue is Death. Until then, Live.