My simplest definition of a great movie is that the sole act of having watched it makes me an ever so slightly better person. Rush, the Ron Howard historical account of a famous Formula 1 racing rivalry in the 70s fits that definition. The movie itself is an exercise in great storytelling, and the story is a lesson on the ways competition drives us to be better than even we ourselves thought possible, and how we come to begrudgingly respect the people that take us there. My favorite part was how as the story advanced I kept switching who I was rooting for to triumph.

About the only thing I didn’t like about this movie is the title, which gives the impression that its one of those crappy testosterone filled driving movies aimed at teenage boys. (Rush is to the Fast and Furious what Ovid is to 50 Shades of Grey). Don’t get me wrong, the driving sequences are beautifully crafted, ┬ábut to me its more a great story that happens to involve racing than a racing story. The second to last track on the well-suited Hans Zimmer soundtrack is “Lost But Won,” and I feel like that would have made a better title.




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