The Absolutely Convinced

There is a class of humanity that is, in my opinion, the very worst of the species. They are responsible for an enormous portion of suffering among the masses; most of the wars fought throughout history and have caused an immeasurable amount of grief and suffering. They and they alone know the form and format of God and his every wish and desire. They are the only ones who know the meaning of it all and will not hesitate to tell you so. They know what you should eat and drink, how and to whom you should pray, the only positions and reasons for sex, what you should read and when. They know what is best for themselves and everyone one else in the world and are not above forcing you to do it their way. After all it is what God wants. They are the Absolutely Convinced and they are a plague upon mankind.

If you have a set of beliefs that work for you and make you a better person I am happy for you. If you have found a definition of God and way of life that makes you happy I am thrilled. But here’s the thing. I do not want you to try to convince me I should believe the same thing. I may listen to you explain it once but if you start evangelizing or recruiting I am out of here. I do not want to change anyone’s beliefs or interfere with their life. Please extend me the same courtesy. I am clueless about what it all means and just trying to muddle through, have a good time and do as little harm as possible.

The Absolutely Convinced will have nothing to do with this approach. A great modern example are Islamic extremists but let’s be honest and admit that the Christians have done some pretty thorough Absolute Convincing throughout history as well. The Absolutely Convinced feel the need to harangue, proselytize, recruit and even force others to believe and behave as they do. Many of them find it necessary to kill you if you refuse to do so. At best they will condemn ostracize and shun those who do not agree with them. They are the worst form of humanity.

Avoid these people at all costs. Believe what you wish and behave how you will without harming others and enjoy tour life. The Absolutely Convinced have no more of a fucking clue than we do. It just makes them feel superior when they think they do. Generally I find the Absolutely Convinced to be lower than whale shit in terms of morality and dumber than a box of broken rocks. They add no value to your life in any way except as a shining example of how not to live



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