The Clueless Life

I spent the last week at the beach with the family and my son flew in as well. We had a pretty good time fishing, drinking a wide variety of distilled and fermented substances and gorging on good food. I have always had a fondness for the beach and have always said that one day I would move to a cottage at the end of the longest road in the smallest beach town that still has Wi-Fi and UPS delivery. Beach towns are an instant relaxation for me and the smell of salt air is like a tonic. When I finally talk the wife into moving to the Keys it is highly unlikely that I will ever leave them for longer than a day or two at a time.

My son apparently feels the same way. At one point he tipped back his beer and inquired of the universe “Why the fuck am I busting my ass and sitting in traffic. I’m moving here to just bag fucking groceries and fish all day.” I feel the same way every time I get near the sand the surf and best of all the beach bar. I’m sure millions of people feel the same way about the beach, the lake, the mountains or the desert. Some might even feel that way about a certain city. It is where they want to be, where they are happiest and where they really should be. But its usually where they aren’t.

Which begs the question, Why the fuck not? Are we really sure that all this getting ahead and living in the right neighborhood in the right suburb outside the best city is worth the price tag we are paying for it? Is going to a job we absolutely fucking detest every day to pay bills we wouldn’t have if we didn’t insist on living in the right neighborhood in the right suburb outside the best city really worth all the aggravation? Would life perhaps be better if we just said to hell with it all and moved to where we wanted to be and did what we wanted to do? I think it might.

I know very few people who are living where they want and doing what they want. Instead life pushes us this way and that and we feel like we have to keep up with everyone and everything. Kids got to go to the best schools to give them the best start. Got to get that promotion so we can afford more shit we don’t need. Can’t replace the income so when Corporate transfers us to some shitty city we would never want to visit much less live in off we go like good little soldiers. Can’t let any of my old friends have a better job than I do. Must keep up to the image I have been forced fed and sold all my life.

We can go to where we love, but only for a few days a year, and only to dream of retiring there.

I am not advocating chucking it all and running off to be a beach bum or mountain recluse, although if I was single with no kids that is almost certainly what I would have done decades ago. However as my son and I discussed we have no fucking clue how long we are here or what the future holds so you might as well put a plan in place to live where you want in the manner you want. He has already worked out a viable plan to do what he needs to do and be living at the beach in two years with a career he loves. He has a solid back up plan if the first fails and an “oh fuck it I’m done with this” alternative in case it all goes to crap.

We have no clue what life holds for us or what it all means. Every day I come a little closer to the whole purpose of life is life itself conclusion. I am pretty sure there is some sort of deity or creator but I think they gave us life to live and enjoy.  The concept of being miserable for decades to enjoy a small slim fragment of time someone else allows me to client for my own just doesn’t cut it for me. I get the concept of responsibilities and all that shit but I think we are all probably smart enough to figure out a way to handle those and be happy. Those that don’t or wont will be the ones to man the bureaucracies and suburbs and traffic choked suburbs. I ll be hanging out with the alligators, palm trees and pelicans