The CNFC Gay Wedding Photography and Catering Business

You might have heard about the recent brouhaha in Indiana where a pizza shop owner said although he welcomes gays in his shop, his religious beliefs prevent him from catering a gay wedding. Battle lines were drawn, the internet was mobilized and the usual culture warriors on both sides went to war arguing discrimination or religious freedom. The story was reminiscent of recent controversies of some wedding photographers saying they won’t work gay weddings and being taken to court as a result.

Being Clueless, I have a stupid question: If someone doesn’t like who you are or how you live your life, because of their religion or just ignorant closed-minded dumbassness, why would you want them at your wedding?

In both the pizza and photography cases, the business owners have gone out of their way to claim they have no problem with homosexuality or doing regular business with gays, but that’s just a cop-out. Lets assume for arguments sake these people hate you to your very core for no other reason than your sexual orientation. Are these the kind of people you want to pay a lot of money to so they can provide nourishment and create artistic images that preserve for all time a record of what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life?

As I’ve discussed before the “Us vs Them” mentality is a powerful force, and it makes people lose sight of what matters. Everyone becomes polarized and entrenched, and the more one side yells at the other the less likely the other is to change its mind. We see this play out in the Indiana Pizza case because the owner is now a hero and his supporters have raised him a shitload of money online.

The Clueless have no interest in wasting time or energy shaming or suing those who disagree with us. There is too much baseball to watch and music to enjoy to waste our energy on something negative that doesn’t work anyway. On the other hand we do believe in supporting ceremonies that celebrate love, and we certainly don’t mind making a buck or two. So we hereby put out a call to anyone that wants to start a photography biz or catering company that specializes in same-sex weddings: we want to invest!

PS: A slight correction to what I said above. As a New Yorker, there is one thing about the catering story that I find extremely offensive. Pizza made in rural Indiana? Are you fucking kidding me?

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