The Haj

On a recent rip up to the downtown district of Winter Garden for breakfast I was disappointed to see that my favorite little book store was going under. The good part of this was that all the books were a buck, so I grabbed a bagful, but I will miss the little place. One book I found and realized I had never read was the Haj by Leon Uris. I like his stuff as he tells a great story and is a damn fine writer.

The Haj is a great example of what is wrong with religion. For most of the book the two societies, the Jews and the Muslims spent all their time killing each other over whose God loves them more. The Muslims are portrayed as the aggressors and initiators of hostilities and it seems to me that this remains the case today. It is not all Muslims but then as now there are no Muslims willing to stand up the extremists.

The Haj is a solid story and fantastic reminder that we have no fucking clue who or what God is and killing each other over our best guess is the ugliest part of the story of humanity.

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