A big part of the clueless life is recognizing that most of the time we have it pretty good. Some of us even have it really fucking good. Although we are generally opposed to a forced redistribution of wealth or handouts we do favor helping where we can and where we care. We have provided some links to organizations that help folks whom life has shit on in some fashion and need a hand up.



The Special Olympics

The one group of people that is disadvantaged and cant really do anything about it. They deserve every chance we can give them, even if it is just winning a shiny medal in a meaningless footrace.






Life without the ability to read is not much of a life


A great group in general and specially when you want to help in the aftermath of a disaster. These guys serve the double purpose of helping those in need while also giving our veterans a renewed focus and a valuable way to apply their skills.
The Church Of NFC
Of course you can always donate to the church. We will use what we need to keep the site running and piss the rest away on wine and books.