What We Are All Looking For

If you don’t subscribe to the “divine being handed down knowledge to a prophet” explanation for most religions, and zoom out a bit, you see that they still serve a valuable purpose. They give Answers. They tell people where they come from, what they are supposed to do in this life and where they are going. That’s all valuable, because people are not designed to handle uncertainty. People need Answers.

But there is also a downside to believing you know The Answer, as The Answer is not individual, but universal. The Answer for you is also The Answer for everyone else. This is how conflict starts, how bitterness sets in and why Tim is not welcome in certain bars partial to the Pittsburgh Steelers (Football is a religion, too). This is also why we have religious wars, political conflict and overall misery wherever you find people of strong religious beliefs.

Those of us that subscribe to the Clueless life gave up on finding The Answer a long time ago. All we care about is finding our own answers, and although we might share them with a reader or a friend over a beer, we never try to force them on anyone else. The basic litmus test that we apply to any idea or action is if ¬†what you do doesn’t harm me, then I shall respect it, even if I don’t agree with it.

What I find most inspiring in that U2 song, and the spiritual journey that Bono is singing about, is the fact that he concedes some of the bigger points of Christianity while admitting that he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. Neither have we.

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